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Usagi Video Poker I/O Coin

Usagi Video Poker

Usagi Video Poker casino game for the I/O Coin blockchain wallet. To demonstrate the I/O Coin Unity 3D Package.

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Usagi Video Poker

Usagi Video Poker

Test your skills and play against the house with the free Usagi Video Poker - Jacks or Better casino game.


SB Soundtrack Collection

SB Soundtrack Collection by Darren Izzard

Tracks created by Darren Izzard. Music from old and new Switching Brains games for use in your own projects.

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Yugo Puzzle Game for Android

Fuse the planets in the right order of elements to form a happy new inhabitable planet. A new release with new levels, features and player feedback changes


Yugo BTP Game Jam #2

Yugo BTP Game Jam #2

A small puzzle game made for the BTP Game Jam #2 scoring #18 overall. Playable in the browser for free.

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Blast Off! It's Party Time

Blast Off! It's Party Time

Party with Usagi Panzer and celebrate the first Switching Brains game with fireworks and explosions.

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I/O Coin Unity 3D Package

I/O Coin Unity 3D Package

Get the power of a stable, reliable and working blockchain in your Unity 3D games for Windows and OSX.

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Usagi Panzer

Usagi Panzer Isamu

Armed to the teeth and ready to kill! From all corners of the universe the deranged magician Yami is raiding treasures where she can get her paws on.



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